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abdominoplastie en turquie by estetica istanbul

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)  in brief

The hospital stay for an abdominoplasty is 2 nights, and is already included in the price of the package. After the surgery, the patient is accompanied every 2-3 days for a free check-up at the clinic. The minimum stay in Istanbul is 7 days after surgery (2 nights in hospital and 5 nights in hotel).

Our plastic surgeons in Istanbul can use dissolving points, which never have to be personally removed. They fall off on their own after 10/15 days.

All inclusive package
from 2950£





Activity retake

15/30 days



Price in United Kingdom

between 6000£ and 10000£

Duration of the intervention

2/4 hours


2 hospital nights

5 hotel nights

Full recovery

6/12 weeks


definitive and immediately visible


Possibility of paying by monthly installment

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance


What's in the package
  • Free advice without obligation;

  • Presence of a english-speaking guide who will guarantee you a pleasant stay;

  • Possibility to come with a guide at no additional cost;

  • VIP transfers with private driver airport / hotel / clinic and vice versa;

  • Reservation and stay in a 4/5 star hotel in the center of Istanbul, breakfast included;

  • Pre and postoperative medical consultations with renowned certified surgeons;

  • Anesthesia (if necessary), compression garments (if necessary), medical tests, drugs;

  • Stay at the clinic for two people.

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance


Many of us work hard and lose excess weight but still struggle with the reduction of fat from the abdominal region. Furthermore, who does a lot of exercise and tones the body in a proper shape? While still, they fail to achieve that tone in the abdominal region. In that case, the current research has brought a mode of cosmetic surgery to our knowledge. It is referred to as abdominoplasty. It is also called the tummy tuck in the common language.


Image 1: Abdominoplasty brings harmony to the stomach and surrounding region

Even if you have gone through a c-section and felt that your abdominal muscles are hanging out, abdominoplasty is the preferred treatment in that situation, too. Furthermore, as a result of the previous pregnancy, you are facing the elasticity around the abdominal region, you can opt for this mode of treatment to get back into the previous shape.

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a mode of cosmetic surgery. It targets the excessive fats and skin on the stomach and its surrounding regions. Moreover, it can also be employed to rehabilitate the weakened muscles by removing the extra skin from the body. It also brings in shape the separated muscles by enhancing the abdominal profile. It brings the abdomen in a proper firmness. It revives the overall contour of the body. It brings harmony to the abdomen and its nearby region.

Who Can Have the Abdominoplasty?

Following are the categories of people who can adopt the abdominoplasty:

  • Men and women in a good health

  • Women after pregnancy

  • Women who have undergone the c-section and who observe the flaccid stomach

  • Patients with genetic problems

  • Patients with loose or sagging tissues

  • Women and men after significant weight loss

  • Men and women who do exercise regularly

It is important to know whether you are suitable to have the Abdominoplasty or not. You can learn if you are not suitable for Abdominoplasty here.

Is Abdominoplasty long-lasting?

Yes, abdominoplasty is carried out once in a lifetime. If you maintain your body in that shape forever, it will work best for you. But, if you gain weight, then maybe you need to go for it once again.

Are There Any Risks?

Remember that every surgery might have their own risks. Abdominoplasty also has some risks that you should be familiar with. These risks include change in the skin sensation, tissue damage or death, unexpected scarring, seroma, and poor wound healing.

Has Anyone Famous Had This Surgery?

Yes! Two American Reality Show starts Darcy and Stacey Silva had plastic surgery before, and they had it in Turkey! Abdominoplasty in Turkey is preferred due to the fact that it costs less than most countries. Therefore, the twin sisters decided to have their all uplifting surgeries in Turkey, as well. Their journery can be found here.

The procedure of surgery of the abdominoplasty

Following are the few steps related to the procedure of abdominoplasty:

Step 1

Preoperative preparation: Every expert specialist of his field conducts the blood tests of the patient before the surgery to evaluate his overall health. He may conduct the CBC’s which is a blood picture. It is conducted to determine the levels of blood cells like RBC’s leading to the identification of any disease prevailing in the body. Further, he will determine your LFTs, RFT’s and Hb to understand that you are healthy and physically ready for the surgery. He will also record your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. You will also be explained in detail the benefits, outcomes, and long-lasting effects of abdominoplasty.

Step 2

Preparation for anesthesia: Once you are done with the pre-operative procedure. The doctor will call you on a particular date to carry out the procedure. Before surgery, you will dress up in a hospital gown. You will be asked to choose between intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia. It merely depends upon your choice. A doctor can only guide you about it.

Step 3

Making the incision: Once the anesthesia is administered, the patient feels relaxed and his whole body gets numb. He doesn’t feel at all what's going on. Therefore, the doctor will make a horizontal incision into the tummy. This incision will range from the belly button to the pubic hairline. The amount of excessive skin located on the belly button and surrounding region will determine the length and size of the cut to be made. The muscles inside the skin of the abdomen will be enhanced themselves if the skin from the outside gets toned properly. Another incision may be required around the navel zone to get rid of the excessive fat from the region of the upper abdomen. As we bring down a window shade to cover the window, similarly the skin from the upper region of the abdomen is brought downwards and trimmed to the desired measurements. Later it gets stitched properly. A new opening is created to the belly button by making the incisions. The belly button is also positioned with the help of stitches.


Image 2: Incisions of the abdominoplasty

Step 4

Stitching of the incision: The incisions are closed by stitching. Some doctors may use clips to close the openings of incisions while the best painless mode is the placement of adhesive glue which gradually binds the skin together.

Step 5

Postoperative care: You will be shifted to the post-operative ward right after the surgery. You will be monitored unless the effects of the anesthesia wear off and the patient gets back to its normal situation. You may feel soreness and pain in the region of surgery. But do not worry at all. Keeping all the conditions of post-surgery in mind, he will prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics to spend the rest of the days free from pain and infection.

Step 6

Outcomes: Outcomes of the abdominoplasty are always fruitful. You will find the difference while glazing at yourself. You will be glad to see a perfectly trimmed, flattened, toned tummy. This will represent youthfulness and the proper harmony of the body. Your body will be properly contoured into a smart and presentable shape. You will gradually find a difference in your attitude while meeting and greeting people. You will feel a boost in energy.

More information about the steps can be found on the American Society of Plastic Surgery's website.


Abdominoplasty is a mode of cosmetic surgery. It is also rendered as the tummy tuck. It is one of the most adopted modes of surgery. As it helps in reducing the size and shape of the fatty, flattened, hanging, and sagging stomach and the surrounding abdominal area, it requires some procedure of a few hours. Later you have to take a rest for about two weeks. Following the rest, you will be glad about the results of the procedure. Your tummy will be flattened, back into its proper shape. Therefore, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck brings a revolution in one's life. In this era of advancement, science is benefitting many of us with its miraculous effects.


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