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Lifting des fesses ou BBL

BBL (Gluteoplasty) in brief

The hospital stay for the bbl surgery is 1 night, and is already included in the price of the package. After the surgery, the patient is accompanied every 2-3 days for a free check-up at the clinic. The minimum stay in Istanbul is 7 days after surgery (1 night in hospital and 6 nights in hotel).

Our plastic surgeons in Istanbul can use dissolving points, which never have to be personally removed. They fall off on their own after 10/15 days.

All inclusive package
from 3350£





Activity retake

15/30 days


invisible ⁠

Price in United Kingdom

betwen 5000£ and 10000£

Duration of the intervention

between 1 and 3 hours


1 hospital night

6 hotel nights

Full recovery

30/60 days


definitive and immediately visible


Possibility of paying by monthly installment

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance


What's in the package
  • Free advice without obligation;

  • Presence of a english-speaking guide who will guarantee you a pleasant stay;

  • Possibility to come with a guide at no additional cost;

  • VIP transfers with private driver airport / hotel / clinic and vice versa;

  • Reservation and stay in a 4/5 star hotel in the center of Istanbul, breakfast included;

  • Pre and postoperative medical consultations with renowned certified surgeons;

  • Anesthesia (if necessary), compression garments (if necessary), medical tests, drugs;

  • Stay at the clinic for two people.

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance

Butt Lift


If you are feeling unconfident because of the size and shape of your buttock. Moreover, if you have gone through any surgery and feel that your buttock doesn’t suit your body, do not worry we have a solution to all your issues.

Image 1: Butt lift aligns the butt into a proper shape

What is a butt lift?

It is applied to evenly distribute the fat in the hips region to provide a fuller look. The surgeon aims to receive a reserve of fat from some parts of the body like thighs, stomach, and arms. They are taken by sucking from their zones. Later they are purified and readied into the region of hips which gives a thinner and presentable look to the backside.

What does butt lift aims at?

There are a lot of benefits of buttock lift which may include the following: The more rounded shape of the buttock Natural orientation of butt Improves the figure imbalance Enhances the shapelessness of the hips and surrounding area Improves the appearance of wrinkles like feeling due to aging

Why adopt the butt lift?

Following are some of the reasons why shapelessness may occur: Aging Genetic factors Hormonal imbalance Pregnancy Weight loss Obesity Liposuction

Difference between butt augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, Insertion of silicone implants, Sculptra butt lift, and liposuction: Butt lift has gained more attention nowadays. But sometimes we get confused amongst the Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, silicone implant insertion, and sculpture butt lift. So firstly let’s clear this confusion and then we will proceed ahead. Brazilian butt lift aims at enhancing the size of each side of the buttock by shifting or adding the fat from the other part. This gives a proper shape and lifts to the buttocks. They come together in a proper shape which gives a contoured look. While in the case of insertion of silicone implants which is also labeled as buttock augmentation, there is an insertion of a foreign body in each side of the buttock ranging from the upper side (from the thigh) extending towards the sacrum of the hips. This is also a type of cosmetic surgery and it aims at giving a proper raised position to each buttock to make it presentable. Sculptra butt lift is labeled as off-use by the FDA, but it is also used to plump up the buttock. It involves the insertion of dermal fillers into the buttock to make it a fuller look. The dermal fillers which are used to remove the wrinkles of the face are also applied here. Sometimes it is conducted along with the Brazilian butt lift to provide harmony to the body. Finally, the mode of cosmetic surgery which can be seen in every street is liposuction. Many people go through it successfully and they prefer it over all modes. It is applied to remove the excess fat of the body and targets the slimmed, flattened figure. While the cost of a Brazilian butt lift, Sculptra butt lift, insertion of silicone implants, and liposuction may vary depending upon the measurement of the zone, the expertise of an aesthetic specialist, and the duration of the procedure. All these procedures are carried out to improve the presentation of the backside as well as for boosting self-confidence. Otherwise, there are very few medical conditions that demand this type of surgery.

The procedure of butt lift

Following is the procedure of the butt lift:

Step 1

Pre-operative procedure: Initially, your aesthetic specialist or doctor will make up your mind to opt for this procedure and get rid of your mental stress forever. Later to understand the blood picture of your body, he will conduct the CBCs as well as LFTs, RFTs to evaluate the proper functioning condition of the liver and kidney of the patient. Further, he will perform your Hb to determine the levels of blood in your body. Moreover, he will keep a check on your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Step 2

Anesthesia: After the confirmation of the blood tests, your doctor will prepare you both mentally and physically for the procedure and ask you to change the hospital dress. Once you are done with it, you will be taken to the procedure room. You will be requested to choose between intravenous administration and general anesthesia. Some courageous patients may adopt the local anesthesia. You may request the anti-nausea treatment too if you feel nausea with anesthesia. The choice would be merely yours. Specialists will only guide you about the benefits and consequences.

Step 3

Incisions: Once you are done with the anesthesia, your doctor or specialist will perform liposuction first to remove the excessive fat from the other areas like the arms, tummy, thighs, etc. This liposuction is performed by making incisions into the skin. Further, a tube is used to gather fat from the desired area. Then this fat is purified. Then it is readied for injection into the buttocks. Almost five to six Incisions are made around the buttock region and fat is evenly distributed to obtain a more desirable rounded shape. Moreover, it doesn’t look fatty and bulky at all. It should have flattened as well as the fuller feeling which can boost the self-confidence of the patient.

Step 4

Closing of incisions: Incisions are closed either with the help of sutures, adhesive glues, or medical tapes. While the internal incisions are closed with the dissolvable sutures. They will take some time to resolve.

Step 5

Post-operative care: Once the procedure is done, you will be taken to the post-operative unit and kept under observation for about four to six hours. Later, after confirmation that the patient is talkative and his effect of anesthesia has worn off. You will be sent home. While the pain, redness, and swelling may take around two weeks to go away. Your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics and painkillers to counter the after-effects.

Image 2: Butt lift brings harmony to the buttocks

Step 6

Outcomes: You will immediately find out the positive effects after the surgery. There will be an immense difference between the before and after the shape of the buttock. It will look so soft and properly shaped. It will surely enhance your social and public meet-ups confidence.


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