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lifting du visage turquie

Facelift (facial surgery) in brief

After the facelift surgery, the patient is accompanied every 2-3 days for a free check-up at the clinic. The minimum stay in Istanbul is 9 days after surgery (1 night in hospital and 8 nights in hotel).

Our plastic surgeons in Istanbul can use dissolving points, which should never be removed in person. They fall off on their own after 10/15 days.

All inclusive package





Activity retake

5 days


hidden by the hairline

Price in United Kingdom

between 4000£ and 5000£

Duration of the intervention

3/4 hours


1 hospital night

8 hotel nights

Full recovery

3/4 weeks


definitive and visible in 3/4 weeks


Possibility of paying by monthly installment

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance


What's in the package
  • Free advice without obligation;

  • Presence of a english-speaking guide who will guarantee you a pleasant stay;

  • Possibility to come with a guide at no additional cost;

  • VIP transfers with private driver airport / hotel / clinic and vice versa;

  • Reservation and stay in a 4/5 star hotel in the center of Istanbul, breakfast included;

  • Pre and postoperative medical consultations with renowned certified surgeons;

  • Anesthesia (if necessary), compression garments (if necessary), medical tests, drugs;

  • Stay at the clinic for two people.

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance


If you are an actress who wants to stay glamorous and charming like always. But the signs of aging are worrying you. You think that your roles will be no more yours due to signs of aging. Moreover, some people experience aging at a very early age which is very much worrisome.


Image 1: Face Uplifting results in even distribution of the fat tissues

Also, if you’re a lady who loves to remain well dressed and ready like a princess or queen always. or someone more into the parties. You are aging is the cause of stress then stop taking tension. As there is the best mode of cosmetic surgery available in town. This treatment aims at maintaining your external beauty. You remain glamorous and beautiful as always. This procedure of pertaining your beauty for a long period in medical terms is referred to as facelift.

What is the purpose of a facelift?

In medical terms, the word facelift is also called a rhytidectomy. It aims at enhancing the signs of aging which are visible with the naked eye. The zone of the target for a facelift is the face and neck.


The facelifting is used for the treatment of the following reasons: Sagging of the face resulting because of the relaxation of the face The appearance of fat on the face The disappearance of fat on the face In between the corner of the mouth to nose, the fold lines start widening inwardly Development of jowls in the jaw and cheeks The appearance of double chin Loose neck skin Sagging of neck due to excessive fat

Causes of aging

Following are certain causes of aging: Stress Hormonal issues Inherited health problems Loss of fat resulting in thinning Sunburns Smoking Alcohol consumption Loss of water retention Loss of fat of face and neck One can enjoy more than one perk while opting for a facelift. This facelift can be performed in combination with brow lift as well as surgery of eyelids to bring back fresh and young skin. Fillers can be administered to restore the healthy looks while fat transfer can be done to regain the reduced volume of fat. Furthermore, to enhance the quality as well as improving the texture of the skin can be done by any of the following techniques : IPL Dermabrasions Peeling Laser application

What does facelift aim at?

Remember that facelift cannot apply a full stop to the process of aging nor can it bring a unique change to your physical appearance. But it can uplift the reduction of fat by the application of external fat or fillers. The mode of a facelift can be surgical. Although the same results cannot be achieved as a result of the minimal rejuvenation treatment. but may help delay the time at which a facelift becomes appropriate and complement the results of surgery. Stem cell facelifts are one example of a minimally invasive treatment with no established benefit. Stem cell facelifts are an example of a minimally invasive procedure without established benefits. They delay the need for surgery and supplement the results of surgery.

Preparations of a facelift

When preparing for a facelift, you might be asked to: Get lab testing or a medical evaluation Take certain medications or adjust your current medications Apply certain products to the facial skin preoperatively Stop smoking Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding

The procedure of the facelifting

Following are the few steps:

Step 1

Preoperative preparation: Firstly, after preparing you mentally and physically for the procedure. You will be asked to dress up in the hospital gown. Later you will administer either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Your aesthetic specialist will only counsel your rest will be your choice. Moreover, certain procedures can uplift the response of facelifting. These may include :


Image 2: It shows the marking of the targeted areas before surgery

Implants for face: These are applied to add fat to the face. This enhances the contour of the face. Resurfacing: This technique is applied to improve the texture as well as the tone of the skin. Reduction of wrinkles: For the reduction of wrinkles either fillers are injected. In another way, fat is injected too to reduce the empowerment of wrinkles. These are supportive treatments and merely depend upon your choice.

Step 2

Opening procedure: Step 2 involves the splitting or cutting of the skin. The level of cut will depend upon how much facelifting you may desire. It can be of the following types: Traditional facelifting Neck lifting Reduced incision lifting The traditional facelifting targets the hairline leading to the jaw close to the ears and ends up on the lower side of the scalp. The fat reserves are distributed evenly between the chin, cheeks, jaws to balance out the level of fat leading to an even tone. While neck lifting targets the ear lobes covering the chin and ends up in the back of the head. Similar to the traditional, the fat is properly distributed to reduce wrinkles. While the limited reductions as the name indicated target the less number of areas and make small incisions for the face rejuvenation. It provides less relaxation so it is recommended for those who require less reduction of wrinkles.

Step 3

Closing of incisions: After the surgery is done, the sutures or medical glue is used for this purpose. The stitches may need to be removed or dissolve themselves but after a few days of surgery, you may find a huge difference before and after you. You will start loving your skin. The skin from the front of the scalp will be rejuvenated.

Step 4

Appearance of results: Once the bruising and swelling subside, you will find a perfect uplift as well as a younger look. Your confidence level will boost. Moreover, your wrinkles will almost disappear. Your facelift will surely bring a drastic change to your overall appearance.



Facelifting has a lot of benefits which can provide you a younger-looking look as well as rejuvenate your skin. The addition of fat and even distribution leads to another level of beauty.It may last for a few years. Later you have to go for it once again.


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