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Trapianto di Capelli in Turchia
Trapianto di Capelli FUE Turchia


If you want to improve your physical appearance by transplanting your hair, eyebrows, mustache or beard, you have come to the right place!

Contact us and we will take care of organizing your beauty trips to Istanbul with the best specialists.

✨✨✨ Full Package ✨✨✨

☑ FUE autotransplantation up to 5000 Ampoules 👨

☑ Transfers Hotel-Clinic-Airport VIP 🚐

☑ 3 Nights in a 5 star hotel in the center of Istanbul 🏨🏩

☑ Blood test (HIV test, Hepatitis C test, CBC) 💉

☑ Turkish / Italian interpreter at the clinic 👫

☑ First PRP and DNA treatment of salmon included in the price 💉

☑ Shampoo, spray and supplement

☑ Autograft guarantee 💥


Now in Campania, Calabria, Sicily soon throughout Italy

☑ Free direct visits before and after the transplant carried out by our specialist.

☑ PRP and Mesotherapy treatments at reduced prices provided by our specialist.


✈️ Possibility to go in a group and / or with a guide.

💶 No additional cost for the companion!


To book the trip that will change your life contact us and set a departure date, we will take care of the rest, ORGANIZE the trip and your stay in every detail!


*A passport is not necessary, in fact the identity card alone is sufficient (valid for expatriation with at least 6 months of residual validity). Italian citizens do not need a visa if they are traveling to Turkey as a tourist for 90 days out of 180 days.


Thanks to the digital consultation, the patient has the possibility of knowing his specific situation.

A detailed and personalized medical return on the feasibility of the intervention will be sent to him with the quantity of hair to be transplanted, the duration of the intervention, the exact cost of the package and the departure dates.


FUE hair transplant


The FUE technique consists of a hair transplant. The hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor part (neck), using a special instrument (pen) and are implanted directly in the part to be thickened.

Beard and mustache transplant

Beard and mustache transplant is the best solution for hair loss due to testosterone, for men who want to give their beard and mustache a look of intensity and regularity.

Eyebrow transplant


Compared with other hair transplant operations, eyebrow transplant requires a lot of attention and care. In eyebrow transplant operations with the FUE method, it is important that the end result is natural and real to the eye. For this, the angulation and curvature of the transplanted grafts must be natural and a specialist has the task of redrawing the shape of the eyebrows very carefully.


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haarex shampoo greffe de cheveux

Haarex Shampoo is a treatment adjuvant for excessive hair loss. It is suitable for men and women who want to stop hair loss, stimulate its growth and strengthen it.

haarex multivitamina greffe de cheveux

Haarex Multivitamin is a food supplement indicated for men and women who want to keep their hair beautiful and strong.

haarex spray greffe de cheveux

Haarex Spray is a solution to be used on the hair and contains Biotin, a vital vitamin for hair and skin health.


“My friend did it with them and he was very happy.”


“They are serious and competent people, they pamper and spoil you, they give you the guarantee satisfied or replanted, what more could you want, seriousness pays, a hug.”

“Elegance is a question of education. Thanks thanks thanks.”



Contact us for a free consultation!
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