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Mastopexy (Breast lift) in brief

The hospital stay for a breast lift is 1 night, and is already included in the price of the package. After the surgery, the patient is accompanied every 2-3 days for a free check-up at the clinic. The minimum stay in Istanbul is 7 days after surgery (1 night in hospital and 6 nights in hotel).

Our plastic surgeons in Istanbul can use dissolving points, which never have to be personally removed. They fall off on their own after 10/15 days.

All inclusive package
from 2850£





Activity retake

5/6 days


gradually inconspicuous

Price in United Kingdom

between 6000£ and 8000£

Duration of the intervention

60/90 minutes


1 hospital night

6 hotel night

Full recovery

4/6 weeks


Definite and visible in 2/6 months


Possibility of paying by monthly installment

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance


What's in the package
  • Free advice without obligation;

  • Presence of a english-speaking guide who will guarantee you a pleasant stay;

  • Possibility to come with a guide at no additional cost;

  • VIP transfers with private driver airport / hotel / clinic and vice versa;

  • Reservation and stay in a 4/5 star hotel in the center of Istanbul, breakfast included;

  • Pre and postoperative medical consultations with renowned certified surgeons;

  • Anesthesia (if necessary), compression garments (if necessary), medical tests, drugs;

  • Stay at the clinic for two people.

Free consultation

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible !

Service available
Estetica Istanbul
Online assistance

Breast lift is the call for demand

Lifted and properly proportioned boobs make the women confident. Firmed and captivating breasts are the assets of women. These attractive breasts help the women to stand confidently in society and communicate strongly in the public. Lack of anything makes you unconfident regardless of whether others notice it or not. Moreover, your dress fits perfectly like a model upon you. The prets fits best upon you if you have a lifted breast.



Image 1: Breast lift enhances the shape and stiffness of breast

While those who do not have appealing breasts may suffer a lot often. Their companions and colleagues make fun of them in public and pass hateful comments. This impacts their mental health a lot. As a result, they confine themselves in their homes and start avoiding people. The foul language of others demotivates them and restricts them to their places. While modern technology of this era aims at supporting such women to stand out in society with confidence and firmness. Therefore, it has come up with a wonderful solution for their large boobs.

Ideal breast size can be achieved by the breast lift

All kinds of problems related to the breast have a single solution which is called breast lift or mastopexy. But you have to make a firm belief upon it that it will have beneficial outcomes. Firstly, log in to your computer and read about breast lift on the search engines for your ease. Do not rush at all for these types of surgeries. As you may have to pay for it yourself as your insurance might not cover the cosmetic surgeries. To investigate others who have been through it. Completely understand the procedure and its after-effects. Make an appointment with multiple aesthetic specialists and visit them. If you find it useful then go for it. Remember the success of the procedure lies in the experience of the aesthetic specialist, the firmness of the patient, and majorly upon the post-operative care and treatment. Nobody can deny the fact that these kinds of uprising cosmetic modes of surgery are a blessing in disguise. They are no more than a miracle for the patients. The best part is that after having this surgery you can wear all those clothes which you have been dreaming of but couldn’t due to the extensive size of the breasts. Nobody can be body-shamed anymore. These types of treatments are a ray of hope for the people who were glommified due to their appearance. These have a huge impact on the lives of women who previously had mental issues due to inappropriately sized boobs.

What is the difference between a breast lift and breast augmentation

The basic difference between a breast lift and breast augmentation lies in the use of the implants. Breast lift targets the reshaping of the harmony of the breast and makes it appealing while reducing the bulk of adipose tissues from the breast. While when we talk about breast augmentation, it may involve the insertion of the foreign body into the breast to lift it and bring it to harmony. This foreign body is rendered as an implant.

What is the procedure of breast lift?

In medical terms, the breast lift is rendered as the mastopexy. As we all know that the ideal shape of the breast is conical. While the size and shape, width, and length may vary from one individual to another. All cannot have the same size of the breast. Others do not have any right to comment or judge your breast size. Everyone is responsible for their own. Moreover, a properly augmented breast appeals and attracts others. One can easily fit in the desired clothes with the ideal-sized breasts. The underlying causes of the overhung facing loose, as well as flaccid breasts, can be : Hormonal changes Lactation Pregnancy Aging To achieve a proper model-like appearance, the conical structure contains papilla on the front edge. The breast will appear to be loosely placed on the hanging decree in case of being flaccid otherwise it is hanging on the infra-mammary line.

The procedure of breast lifting

A breast lift involves the following steps:

Step 1

Anesthesia and preoperative preparation: On the day of surgery after complete and proper examination by the aesthetic specialist, you will be prepared physically and psychologically. Further, you will be dressed up in a hospital gown. Later upon your consent, anesthesia either general or intravenous sedation would be administered.

Step 2

Zone selection and incisions: To minimize the visibility of scars, inconspicuous zones are targeted for the incisions while incisions are made upon the following zones upon your consent: Periareolar region. Inframammary region. Axillary region. Belly button (in case of any complication or risk association). The area and size of the incision depend upon the size of the breast, the patient and aesthetic specialists’ mutual decision, and lastly on your anatomy.

Step 3

Lifting of the breast to ideal orientation: Based on the prior decision for the size of the breast, the fat is reduced from the pouch of the breast. Relocation of the pectoral muscle or the breast tissues above the pectoral muscles is performed. The pectoral muscles involve the submuscular insertion and it exists underneath the breast tissues. They connect the breast with the chest and arms. Whereas it can be made slightly above the inframammary gland on the submammary or sub-glandular area.

Step 4

Stitching of incisions: Post-operation the incisions in the breast tissues are closed majorly with the help of sutures. Rest the skin of the breast is closed either with the help of adhesive tapes, sutures, or surgical tapes.


Image 2: Breast lift reduces the sagginess of the breast and brings it to harmony

What to expect after the treatment?

These procedures will bring the breast to the desired shape. Moreover, the results are always fruitful. Your money won't be wasted at all. You will surely advise others to go for this procedure. The effect of anesthesia will stay for around 24 hours. Post-operative your breast will be enclosed in surgical gauze. This gauze is further rolled up with an elastic bandage to avoid the onset of bacterial infection. Furthermore, your breast will be supported by bra support to help it to heal soon. You will be kept in observation to evaluate all vital signs. Then you may get discharged after 1-2 hours of stay in post-op. After that, you can get back to your normal social life. You can go back to your work after 2-3 days of surgery. The best outcomes lie in the expertise and experience of the aesthetic specialist or the surgeon.


There isn’t any harm or shame in adopting a breast lift. It helps you to learn survival. Those who love lifted boobs can go for it without any hesitation.


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